Podcasting. How I failed. Part Two.


So I realized that microphone doesn’t really fit. Well if I would be a singer as I mentioned before I probably would at least have a more possibilities to play with. I mean first of all, microphone has a great quality, it’s built very solid, warranty seems to be perfect. Everything sounds just very well but as a non professional I must admit I haven’t been prepared and as an idiot I believed I can fart around all the time and no one ever gonna be able to hear this in a conference calls or streams, I thought that all the noise just gonna disappear because of my professional microphone. Yeah quite naive and stupid I know.

So with this microphone I had to buy something that has a phantom power and I bought one. The PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL. Software that comes with works just well. Lot’s of awesome features to be honest I even use it more often than the amp it has a lot of effects, tuner and other things that quite easy to use, it’s powerful and has a nice intuitive interface.

But. I realized that actually I’ve got the issue, I cannot really record in a good condition my mates with whom I am actually trying to make a podcast or at least they sound like a shit in comparison with me because of compression I believe does Skype, so almost no matter what microphone they have it’s a huge difference and crap.

Instead of the discussing development process, we’ve been talking girls, games and debate about terminology or just being silent. But let’s skip this.

So what we’ve tried is to make a record separately so everyone have been recording his own voice. Sounds like an obvious way out. But. No. For example if someone doesn’t have a good soundproof of his headphones on the record you gonna able to hear someone once he is talking so without editings this just doesn’t work.

Think. Whether you want to spend extra money on such audio interface or no, because exists other alternatives like to buy just a phantom power or USB mic. For example me is playing guitar and so at least I am using it as a sound card for my laptop and connecting guitar to make some recordings with Studio One. So I cannot say it’s a waste of money and can probably recommend to these people that plays guitar. I cannot say I wouldn’t be able to live without, but with it feels more comfortable.

Podcasting. How I failed. Part one.


Once I thought to try myself in podcasting I’ve been looking to buy a microphone for myself that would have a crystal sound and could help to get rid of the noises I’d get while recording. Also the Skype is a quite common thing in my daily job, sometimes I have a conference calls or similar things and so probably I desired to sound a bit more convincible and cool or at least not like the others with their shitty microphones.
So with this idea at the morning I started to look for the microphone reviews that probably would match to me. I chosed Rode NT1A because it’s a very popular and have an acceptable price. Also I been very surprised about the warranty that extended to 10 years.
The only thing I didn’t know about is that the microphone is a very sensitive and in my room which ain’t work just like studio would do where I doesn’t have a screens, no any soundproofing it’s works just horrible. I mean you know people in a conference call can hear noises that happens nearly very clear. Let’s say I accidentally farted or anything like that lol. Of course there’s some options to make it’s less noticeable and do sort of cuts, prepare the room, close the window, kick the cat out etc. But as a noob I spent around few months to figure out how do I able to do this in a proper way. So before to buy online especially for the newbie such like me I would probably recommend to consider the other alternatives. If you are singer or has a good studio it’s probably fits just great. If you had other experience than that just let me know.

This night I’ve been scrolling the Prismatic and occasionally found the article How to Install Rails 4 on Windows, lucky to me. I know the better way to go and I hope someone will find it useful to keep in mind.

– Simply use a virtual machine running Linux! It’s the best what you can do. How is that possible? Well. You can try the Vagrant or just Virtualbox. To modify and share the files between I configured Smb, I am using PuTTY and Git Bash which comes with Git. Quite often I am using it to make the tunneling between Ubuntu 13.04 and my Windows 8.1 in case to access Futon or to specify given port on remote machine.

Sometimes you may want to run the Desktop applications and – Yes, it’s possible with Xming

The next good thing. If you’re using PuTTY, it can happen that you basically want to have a tabs. Should you search for new ssh client for Windows? – No! You can try tmux for this job. It works really well, you can save your session and restore it later. You can split your workspace, you can run more buffers and the most impressive thing – You can even do a pair programming with it.

But why all of this is actually better? – Firstly. You can get an identical configuration you have on production. You don’t have to worry messing up something. You can save and always restore from the snapshots. You can clone your machine. Now you don’t have to worry that something could not compile or some library cannot be installed on Windows.

You can run Postgresql, Redis, CouchDb, MongoDb, Mysql, ElasticSearch whatever else and bring your setup much more closer to production, which saves you from particular mistakes.

Now it’s possible to share it with your friends and workmates. – Imagine that you don’t have to wait, until new developer complete his configuration of the development environment.

And the most lovely benefit of it. Is that you’re easily can turn it off. Free the RAM space from lots of services you can have running and leave your job far behind for the weekends.

woohoo just look at what my girlfriend made here. Isn’t she’s quite talented? :-*

Nowadays everyone around want to be special. It kinda obvious. Anyone has a desire to be loved, popular, to be noticeable from mass of people. You want to be known. Even if you never have ever invented something you still want to be the part of that group called as geniuses. You probably even feel yourself that way. It just no one knows who you really are.

Many of people buying Apple products, not because smartphones on Android or PC with Windows works not as good but because they want to feel themselves as special, they want to be smart, or just look so.

And know what? “Think Different” when everyone’s around “Think Different” kinda wrong. Can’t you just see this? You are not special unless you do something special. 

You don’t need an iPhone, MacBook device for that matter. It doesn’t make you better, smarter, it’s just a thing which you’ve bought. Instead of iPhone you better to invest that money for a silicone breast for your next girlfriend at least. (or it just me who loves a silicone? lol)

But yeah, the idea is. That you can change the future, you can make it better. You can invest something, you can build a company, startup. You can make it happen. But how? You may need to stop complaining. You have to stop think that you already special because you’re born. It’s not true. But the fact of knowing that you are just a human as these geniuses. Have to lead you to the point, that you can be like them. Just start doing of something. Try to believe in yourself.

“Developers often think of programming as problem solving, but writing code is more like cooking. As with cooking, code is never perfect, only better and worse. You can try different spices. You can use turkey instead of chicken. You can apply more or less heat. But there is no complete, only done enough. Dinner is done when you eat it.”

Andre Behrens, The Young Developer’s Guide to Debugging JavaScript

(In NYTimes.com, of all places…)

I don’t particularly like to repost someone’s else posts. But this one is damn good.

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From text to speech using Ruby and Google Translate

Some time ago I’ve been looking for any kind of alternative that could provide me ability to convert text into audio files that I could run with my mp3 player embedded inside my cheap Samsung I’ve bought for around 25$.
That happened that unfortunately I broke my old Macbook Pro and I had to find something really cheap so I could buy on the next day and get back to my main work.
It had to be the laptop without pre-installed Windows because I didn’t want to overpay for the software especially for Windows 7.
I haven’t used Ubuntu on the desktop for quite a long time so it been a little bit tricky to figure out which kind of software I might use to solve my problem, to be quite honest the solutions I’ve googled were just disgusting and voices absolutely shitty.
Lucky to me I ended up with decision to use Google Translate for that case, I quickly checked up what Chrome does when you click on the Listen button and made a simple Ruby script to do this job.